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Active old age is a goal to ensure a good quality of life. People are living longer and remaining healthier than ever before. All over the world life expectancies continuing to rise, due to increased quality of medical care and prevention programs. Everybody faces the challenges of aging.

Here are three things you can do to maintain an active old age:

Regular Exercise Program

Over 40% of the population of North America has surrendered to a sedentary lifestyle which leads to obesity. In fact, studies show that almost half of adults over 45 are considered obese. The Centers for Disease Control recommends a regular exercise program to prevent premature aging. It’s never too late to start. Even walking 10 minutes three times a day is considered the same as one thirty minute walk. Some folks fine it beneficial to join a gym or a structured class to help them get motivated.

Start a program today, and work within your limitations. Begin by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. When you go to the mall park your car so you have to walk a bit.

You may want to try swimming, yoga, or even Tai Chi to stay healthy and prevent the onset of ill health or disability.

Keep Your Mind Active

Just as you exercise to keep your body in shape, you need to do the same with your brain to protect from dementia. Studies have shown that those who do brain workouts may be less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. Crossword puzzles, board games (such as chess and checkers), and keeping up with the news (maybe even politics) are good alternatives to staying mentally active.

Seniors using the computer are one of the fastest growing populations on the internet today. Keeping a social network of friends and family has also been shown to increase quality of life and maintain an active old age.

Healthy Eating

Everybody knows you shouldn’t smoke, drink excessively or eat junk food. Unhealthy living can cause numerous health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and elevated cholesterol levels.

Better food choices will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Fresh fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins, and contain antioxidants which help your body and mind stay young. It’s recommended to eat oily fish once a week by the Alzheimer’s Society to reduce the likelihood of dementia.

Enjoying life to an active old age doesn’t mean giving up everything you love. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step.

Please Note:

Please consult your health care provider before beginning any exercise programs.


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